Rent a bike 3 hours: different kinds of bikes possible

A suited bike for everyone!



Bike: 3 hours

Perfect bike for a great bike tour.

  • bike route included
  • for each a suited bike
  • for persons from 12 years



Tandem: 3 hours

Cycle fun for two along the flowerbulb fields.

  • bike route included
  • who do you take along?



Childbike: 3 hours

Enjoy the flowerbulb fields on your own bike.

  • for children until 12 years
  • bike route included


ouder kind tandem

Adult-child tandem: 3 hours

Make a discovery tour with your child in the Bulb area.

  • bike route included
  • fun for two!


ouder kind tandem

Adult-child tandem: full day

Let your child get acquinted in another way with the flower and bulb region.

  • bike route included
  • who do you take along?


Cargo bike: 3 hours

Need extra space? Make use of a cargo bike.

  • bike tour included
  • what or who do you take with you?


Bike + Child trailer: 3 hours

Ideal to take your youngest child with you.

  • bike route included
  • trailer up to 2 children


Bicycle bag

Take your personal belongings with you. Only bookable in combination with a rental bike.

  • waterproof
  • what will you put in it?


Child seat

For children from 1 until 4 years. Only bookable in combination with a rental bike.

  • front as well as rear childseats available
  • the child has to sit straight up by itself



Safety before everything with a bike helmet. Only bookable in combination with a rental bike.

  • always a suited helmet available
  • safety first


Phone holder

To take your mobile phone on the steering wheel with you. Only bookable in combination with a rental bike.

  • to follow the route on your way on your smartphone
  • pay attention: in the Netherlands it is not allowed to use your phone by hand while cycling

For each a suited bike

If you like to make a bike tour in the Flowerbulb area there are different options what concerns type of bike and duration. How do you decide which bike is suited in your situation? To rent one at our rental location Keukenhof it is the best to check first how much time you got to use one of our bikes, and second if this available time is enough to ride the through you desired route. If you still have doubts you can ask our advice in what fits best with your plans. A regular bike or child bike suits everyone and we always take care that everybody leaves with a proper bike and a route map.

You can also install the route-app on your phone if that feels better for you.  In that case we have phone holders for rent, which can be placed on the steering-wheel of your bike. When you use a bike less or not in your daily life, then it is recommended  to rent a bike helmet. Experience in cycling also plays a part if you would like to rent one of our special items. If you got this enough you can make use of a tandem or cargo bike. Do you like to cycle with children, then there are different options: a child bike, a bike with childtrailer with a young child, a childseat (up to 4 years) or a cargo bike. Would you like to enjoy the surroundings with two at the same time, this can be done with a tandem or adult-child tandem, which is an extra adventure by itself! In short, enough options, and we gladly help you with any questions or advise.

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