Answers to general questions

  • Do I need to make a reservation in advance?

    We offer a large supply of bikes (more than 500). For the special bikes/items we advise you to make a reservation in advance. Read our blog about online tickets/reservations.
  • What are the costs?

    A regular bike:
    € 11 for 3 hours and
    € 16 for the full day.
    A tandem or cargobike:
    € 25 for 3 hours and
    € 30 for the full day.
    For more details look at the prices.
  • What are your general conditions?

    You can find our general conditions and cancellation conditions below.
  • What happens if I bring my bike back after closing hours?

    You need to return the bike before 7pm. If you can’t make it, please give us a call. Have you not let us known anything, then you have to pay an extra day for all the bikes in your possession
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?

    We don’t work with deposits. But we do ask for an identification.
  • What are the opening hours?

    This location is during the opening of Keukenhof open from 9 am till 7 pm.
  • Bikes

    Answers to everything about our bikes

  • What kind of bikes do you have?

    We work with different brands. Most bikes are from Batavus, but we also have bikes from Sparta and Pointer.
  • Do you also rent tandems?

    Yes, we do have some tandems from Onderwater.
  • Do you also have childbikes?

    Yes, we also have childbikes. We do have childbikes from 20” until 26”. Next to them we offer childseats and childtrailers. So your child can always be taken along.
  • Is it allowed to ride with two on bike?

    It’s possible to cycle with two persons on a bike for two persons, a tandem. It’s unfortunately not allowed to cycle with 2 persons on a regular bike, unless it is a child in a childseat.
  • Damage and theft

    Answers to all your questions concerning damage and theft

  • Is the bike insured?

    The bike is not automatically insured.
    Pay attention! In case of theft you need to report this to the police and you still need to be in the possession of the bike key.
  • What if I have breakdown on my way?

    Our bikes are well maintained and the risk of breakdown is therefore very little. Should the unexpected happen on your way, please give us a call and we will (during our opening hours and within our route map) replace the bike as soon as possible.
  • What if the bike gets damaged during the rental period?

    Little damages like quick-fasteners, coat protector etc. are not being charged. This is user damage. Big damage like curved wheels, bent frame et cetera, which are obviously caused by improper use will be charged to the renter.
  • What happens if the bike gets stolen?

    When you lock your bike, the chance that it gets stolen is very little. If the bike gets stolen, then the present value of the bike will be charged to the renter.
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