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Drown yourself in the largest and most famous flower park in the world that is only opened for a few weeks each year. The Keukenhof is internationally seen the most well-known attraction of the Dune- and Bulb area, and attracts many tourists.

Flower fields

Every year people from all over the world visit the Dune- and Flower bulb region where the local flower bulb breeders create the overwhelming sea of flowers. From the half of March until the beginning of May the fields are in bloom and you can watch them the best by cycle!  Check the  Flower map to keep up to date about which fields are beautiful in bloom.


Tulip Experience Amsterdam

Tulip Experience Amsterdam is thé essential experience during a visit to the Bulb region! You will be taken along on a dynamic journey of discovery through the history, the breeders’ process and the magic of the tulip.

The Tulip Barn

A true paradise between the tulips where you can take the greatest pictures! Wander through more then 500.000 colourful flowers, and discover our photo-installations. Played out? Take a drink in our cosy greenhouse, or get some fries at the foodtruck. Of course you take a fresh bunch of tulips home!

S. Pennings & Zn.

S. Pennings & Zn is an authentic flower bulb nursery. In spring our shop is open and we sell fresh flowers from our own land. To us quality and special species are the most important. Next to the tulip sale we also have a picking garden (starts the middle of April) where you can pick yourself your own bunch of tulips.  Do you come by?

De Tulperij

Get some inspiration during a nice walk through our show garden for your own garden or balcony. Next to different kinds of tulips you will even find daffodils and hyacinths. If you like you can pick your own flowers here. Would you like to know more about the growth process and the blossoming of the tulip, then certainly join our excursion.

Castle Keukenhof

The estate of Castle Keukenhof has over more then two hundred acres of forest, meadows and wonderful installed castle gardens. In the historical environment you can find over eighteen monuments. Walk through the  magnificent gardens and pass the many pieces of art.

Experience the LAM museum

In the middle of the verdant of the centuries-old Estate Keukenhof lies the brandnew LAM museum. A great museum for the whole family, stuffed with international foodart. Lick your fingers looking at chocolates as big as footballs, let your magpie on the loose at a giant bunch of grapes full of gems and shining glass beads or can’t take your eyes away from a party table where the wine and champagne splashes over the glasses. Together with  enthusiastic Kijkcaches you will get out everything of your visit.

Lisse centre

Enjoy a fine drink or take a delicious lunch in one of the restaurants which are situated at this atmospheric location near to each other. With nice weather you can spend your time here pleasantly on a terrace.


Do you want to relax for a while, cycle to Hoogies at Langevelderslag for delicious and homemade fries! Or get some fresh air on the water at Kitesurfschool Noordwijk.

Lake Oosterduinse

Cycle to the lake in Noordwijkerhout and find the hidden pearl of Noordwijkerhout: Como & Co. On this great spot you can have a delicious lunch and when you are there, try especially the ‘Strandgaper’. An excellent special beer. But be warned: it may well be that you don’t want to get home!

Show tuin met tulpen
Tulip Store Showgarden

Visit the Tulip store show garden and see the most beautiful and colorful tulips. A perfect spot for a break during your bike ride. You can find the Tulip Store show garden along the 10 km cycle route from Keukenhof.
You can also order your bulbs in advance so that you can plant your favorite tulips in the autumn.

For visiting all the sights and attractions in the area the use of a bike is recommended. Everything is reachable by bike and there are enough well built bike paths present. During your bike tour you will also take in the surroundings better and you will see and discover more. Advantages of using a bike are that you are not dependent of a parking spot and the according costs, and that you can always park your vehicle somewhere.

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