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Museum de Zwarte Tulp

In Museum De Zwarte Tulp (Black Tulip) you get to know everything about the history of the flower bulb culture and about the flower bulb cultivation. The cultivation process is brought to life by historic tools and objects.

Flower Map
‘Flower map’ where to find the blooming fields?

Using the flower map you always know exactly where the most beautiful blooming flower fields can be found. Click on the icons to view the current status of the fields.

For visiting all the sights and attractions in the area the use of a bike is recommended. Everything is reachable by bike and there are enough well built bike paths present. During your bike tour you will also take in the surroundings better and you will see and discover more. Advantages of using a bike are that you are not dependent of a parking spot and the according costs, and that you can always park your vehicle somewhere.

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